The Music & Grading Committee

The Music & Grading Committee reviews the results of the six ASPD sanctioned competitions (Ogden Legion, Red Deer, Fort Edmonton, Foothills, Calgary and Canmore), considers the individual committee member input, considers applications from individual members for promotions and is considerate of performance standards outside the Province of Alberta. 

2014 Music & Grading Committee

John Stewart | Chair

Elizabeth Shaw | Co-Chair - Drumming

Tim Boan | Drumming

Neil Dickie | Piping

Andrew Grant | Piping

Cam Keating | Piping

Alex MacIntyre | Piping

Kathy MacPherson | Drumming

Patrick Napper | Piping

Stewart Smith | Piping

Sean Somers | Piping

Ryan Sullivan | Drumming

Jacquie Troy | Drumming