78th Fraser Highlanders

The original 78th Fraser Highlanders was a Highland Regiment, raised in Scotland to fight in Canada during the Seven Year’s War. The Regiment fought with distinction at a number of battles including under General James Wolfe at both the Siege of Louisbourg and the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. At the conclusion of the war the Regiment was disbanded in Canada and many members of the Regiment settled here and have become an important part of our nation’s history.
The modern 78th Frasers are a North-America wide historical society whose objects include the preservation of the memory of the original Regiment, their commanders, comrades-in-arms and their adversaries. The Calgary Garrison carries out these objectives through the maintenance of both youth and adult squad’s, dressed in period uniform. The members of the youth squad are provided with free instruction in piping, drumming Highland dancing, drill and Canadian History.


Pipe Major:

Thomas Farquhar


Drum Sergeant:



Pipe Sergeant:



Drum Major:




Callum Bates
Michal Bystersky
Drew Hale

Reid Lucas (Instructor)

Evan Lywood

Elenie Medland

Snare Drummers:

Daniel Abelseth

Kira Rent

Elizabeth Shaw (Instructor)

Blaire Snelling



Bass/Tenor Section:

Bass- Benjamin Nicholas

Tenor- Morgan Dempster

Tenor- Paige Lucas
Tenor- Devon Snelling