Willard J Farmer

Joined the 'Edmonton Boys Pipe Band' in October 2010.

Grade V Piper


I would like to say that my son had a fantastic experience at the Canmore games.
It was the end of the day and one of the girls in the band said to him "you're playing in the massed bands, arn't you?".
He was reluctant, but with a push from his chums and a nod from his instructor, he lined up with the rest of the band.
This was his first time marching with the band in full kit, and he said afterwards it was a totally new experience for him.
He had not expected that there would be banter between bands and players, which put him at his ease.
Then the results were read, and he heard his name being read out.
It was his proudest moment, being congratulated by his friends and band mates.
I understand that this was a new feature of the Canmore Games and from the beaming grin on my son's face (which has yet to wear off), it was an excellent idea.
Thank you.